The Red Bird Cafe
Away from the crowds is a small cafe where friends meet.  It's almost like it has been tucked away in the corner on pupose.  The food is prepared fresh and the thoughtful relaxed atmosphere invites conversation.  Find your favorite seat and relax a bit -- we're glad you are here.  

Let The Red Bird Cafe be your new favorite breakfast or lunch stop.  Try a
filled crepe, a healthy wrap, one of our specialty sandwiches, a colorful salad or indulge in one of our bakery goodies with a cup of coffee.

 someone is always busy in the kitchen....
In the front of the house we strive to keep the atmosphere relaxed, but in the back of the house, our staff is focusing on keen management, food quality and inviting presentation of everything we serve.   
We believe food should be more than just nourishing for the body, it should be pleasing to the senses as well.